Team Kured is looking for help

Kured maintenance team is looking for help, please consider joining us!

We are very happy that we joined the CNCF as a Sandbox project and are able to keep the project up and running. We are set up quite well: our processes are lean, the project is not very big, most of the services we use are very straight-forward.

Still we realise that we need help and grow the team. Our team of maintainers is busy in their day jobs and we see on GitHub and on Slack that many people use Kured day to day. While there are luckily no major breakages, we would like to support our user base better.

If you are curious, enjoy Kured as a project, want to get to know a small and self-contain piece of software and join our team, hit us up on Slack, and check out how to get involved.

Thanks in advance - we look forward to working with you! ✨

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